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The Pros and Cons of DIY balloons versus using a professional balloon decorator

Many people like the idea of doing their own balloon decorations for their birthday party and sometimes even their wedding, thinking that it will be easy, fun and save them some money but just how true is this? Here are some facts for you to consider before going down this path.

Latex balloons are readily available in shops, supermarkets and of course on Ebay and other online shops. Balloons are fairly cheap to buy so many people do this and then they realise that they need to purchase helium, ribbon and also balloon weights if they want to make their own sets of balloons for tables or floor standing. This is where the price will start to go up as helium is the most expensive part.

So yes I hear you say but there are some very cheap balloon kits that I can buy that will inflate 50 balloons for less than £45. Some of these kits will come with 12” balloons included. Party Pieces sells a kit that includes 50 x 12” balloons, ribbon and a cylinder that will fill only 25 11” balloons or if inflated to just 9” then will fill all 50 balloons. Alternatively you can buy 25 helium filled and sized 11” balloons from us with ribbon attached for just £37.50. So yes we do the blowing up, including using our premium pearlised balloons and attach the ribbon for you for less money than doing it yourself. Okay you say but 9” balloons will be fine. However a 9” balloon will float a far shorter time than if filled to 11”.

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If despite all of this you still want to do your own balloons then here are a few tips for you. Firstly check that the balloons are suitable for helium filling – it should say on the packet if they are. Try and by 11” or 12” balloons as this is the ideal size to inflate them to. Look out for a quality brand such as Qualatex or Anagram or even Sempertex as these are used by professional balloon decorators for a reason! They are top quality and have a longer float time due to the quality of the latex. Next make sure you have enough time on the day to inflate the balloons. Please do not inflate them the day before as they will not be floating the next day. Even the best latex balloons will only float for 18 hours. Thirdly try and size your balloons to 11”. You can put 2 chairs back to back 11” apart and inflate the balloons inbetween them. If the balloon starts to go pear shaped then it is overinflated.

Finally here are a few reasons to use a professional balloon decorator. We usually use digital inflators which size each balloon perfectly. A good balloon decorator will tie the ribbon through the neck of the balloon so there is no knot to be seen and will also measure the distance between each balloon so that all sets match. Delivery and set up is usually available and any balloons that burst while being transported or set up will be replaced free of charge. Quality balloons will ensure that your balloons look good for the whole of your party, wedding or event and will add a real wow factor to the room. Balloon decorators spend time perfecting their art on professional courses and you can find one near you on either of the main trade bodies – BAPIA of which we are a member or NABAS. Remember that you will not be just buying a few cheap balloons but that you will be supporting someone that has probably invested a lot of time, money and effort into building a local business.

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Finally have a think about what you would really like and take a look at the hundreds of photos in our wedding balloon, party balloon or corporate balloon galleries. We can make balloon columns, clouds of balloons arches and a lot more. Whatever you decide have a great party!

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