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The following terms and conditions are for The Giant Card & Balloon Company particularly relating to hire services & event decoration.

  1. If any of the details on the completed customer order form or invoices are incorrect, insufficient or changed before the event please inform us as soon as possible to allow us to change our records accordingly.
  2. Cancellation by the customer with less than 28 days notice will require full payment. Cancellation outside of this period by the customer will not require additional payment but all deposits from the time of booking are non refundable.
  3. A 20% or £30 deposit (whichever is the greatest) is required to secure a booking. Bookings will not be guaranteed until a deposit has been received.
  4. Final payment is due no later than 14 days prior to events. Failure to make payment on time will result in the booking being cancelled and full payment remaining due.
  5. Hired items must be returned to The Giant Card & Balloon Company after your event. Items not returned or lost will result in the customer being invoiced at full replacement value.
  6. Standard laundering of chair covers is included in our prices including stains resulting from accidental spillage of food and drink. However any damage perceived to have been caused purposefully or resulting from guests standing on chair covers or treating them without due care resulting in rips, footprints on seats, burns and drawing marks may result in us having to issue an additional laundering, repair or replacement charge.
  7. Replacement cost for chair covers is £15 and sashes £2.50.
  8. Payment of your deposit and / or signature on your order or confirmation by email is deemed as you having read, accepted and understood these terms and conditions.