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Balloon Releases for Events, Weddings & Funerals

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Balloon releases can be spectacular. Use them to:

  • launch a new business
  • as part of an open day
  • as part of a photo opportunity in conjunction with local newspapers.
  • to raise money for school events and charities.
  • raise money by having a balloon race and selling race labels for £1 or more

In order to make the most of your balloon release it is a good idea to offer a prize to whoever sends back the label of the balloon that has travelled the furthest. You may get a sponsor to donate a prize in return for their name being put on all the race labels. You can also have the balloons printed with your logo or the sponsors logo. This may also enable you to raise more money if the event is for charity.

The balloons need to be inflated on the day of the release. The nearer you do it to the time of the release the further the balloons will travel. If you choose to do the balloon release yourself then it is best to organise a team of people. For 400 balloons or less then 3 people are best. One person can inflate and 2 can tie and put on the labels. For larger releases then a team of 5 is better with 1 person inflating and 4 people tying and adding labels.

The race labels are pushed through the knotted neck of the balloon and require no ribbon or string. Anything that is not biodegradeable is not allowed in balloon releases such as ribbon, string or foil balloons. The latex balloons are fully biodegradeable and studies show that they biodegrade at the same rate as an oak leaf, which is approximately 6 months.

Cost starts from £1 per helium filled balloon.

Alternatively why not purchase one of our DIY packages It includes everything you need - balloons, helium, printed race labels and a release net if required. Advice will be given.

Helium cylinders may be collected and returned after the event, otherwise a delivery and collection charge may apply.


We can also supply single helium filled balloons with our special dove cards attached.  The cards are filled with wild flower seeds which will set when the card biodegrades. We also sell the dove cards separately.  See our funeral balloons page for more details.

Helium Hire

If you have your own balloons and simply want to hire our helium canisters then the cost is £60 which will fill approximately 100 x 11” latex balloons if accurately sized and filled correctly. A filling kit is included for latex balloons as standard. For filling quantities for other balloon sizes and foil balloons please ask. The cost is £40 for each exact additional amount.

Please note that if you overinflate your latex balloons then you will not achieve this quantity and we cannot be held responsible for your filling technique. However we are happy to provide basic advice on how to get the most out of your helium bottle. Unreturned helium bottles will be charged at £100 and lost or damaged filling kit at £25.

Race Labels

We can supply you with race labels for your balloon release at the following cost:

  • Two part, pre-printed on the front and numbered £15 per 100 - £120 per 1000
  • With return address on back of label - quote on request
  • With colour logo on back of label plus return address - quote on request
  • Dove shaped labels filled with wild flower seeds = £1 each.

Please note that the space to print this is approximately 2½ inch square so the less wording the larger the print.