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Helium fill your own balloonshelium tank

Hire one of our professional helium tanks which will fill a lot more balloons than the disposable cylinders.  We will also supply you with the appropriate filling kit and show you how to use it which is very straightforward.

  • ¼ tanks fills up to 110 x 11” balloons = £80.00
  • ½ tank fills up to 220 x 11” balloons = £150.00
  • Full tank fills up to 440 x 11” balloons = £250.00

For other size balloons a full tank will fill 575 x 10” balloons or 330 x 12” balloons.  Correct sizing and filling of balloons needed to achieve these quantities.  Please ask for advice.

Helium bottles will need to be collected and returned to us otherwise delivery and collection charges will apply.  The hire period is for 3 days unless otherwise agreed.

heliumRibbon Valves

These can be added to you balloons before inflation and means that no tying is required.

Cost = £20 per 100 or £25 per 100 fitted.

Balloon release net hire = £15.00

Lost or damaged cylinders will be charged at £100 and filling kit up to £75 dependant on which filling kit is hired.

We only stock a limited quantity so early booking is recommended.